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I love building the drama and delivering the suspense of a feature with massive sounds and explosive compositions. Let's get epic! 

TV Drama
Movie Trailers
Dark & Haunting
Reality Drama

Reaching people is still a crucial part of any business; especially when it comes to online content and other new media.  From the heart warming and comical, to the heart-pounding drama, we can reach the masses together.

Video Games

"Who will be next?  Did you see who got voted off?"  Growing suspense to that big moment is something I live for, and I love making music all the way to the finalé!

What's better than a movie?  A movie you can play! Whether it's 300 miles per hour on the race track, or a special-ops battle, I'm in! 

It's a big world with big personalities, and you never know what might just happen next!  

Feel the hair raise on the back of your neck.  Listen as you hear the bumps in the night.  From the shadows and into the abyss, we all crave being taken into the darkness sometimes.

Many, many more of course...

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