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About Me

Justin discovered music after finding an old guitar in a friend’s garage closet and never looked back.


"While in high school, and after years of playing as a jazz bassist throughout New Orleans, I discovered making music for film and video games when a music teacher of mine talked about playing sessions for composers in Hollywood. I had no money for college, and I had dreamed of going to Berklee College of Music ever since I got serious about music. So, in 1999, I joined the United State Marine Corps. After my four years, I finally got to Berklee in Boston. After I started my studies, I quickly discovered the freedom in making music with computers; using sequencers, virtual instruments and plugins.After graduation, I made my move to the West Coast to pursue my career as a professional composer and sound designer."


Justin is originally from the great city of New Orleans, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. 



Composer / Sound Designer

Guitarist / Bassist

I'm also an Athlete!

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